How to Manage Employee of the Year Nominations

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Impressions Standard Certificate Paper by PaperDirectEmployee of the year nominations are important to businesses. It shows that the employer cares for its employees. However, when a business gives out recognition certificates, they can’t look cheap or the employees will be gathering around the proverbial water cooler. Paper Direct uses quality stock and ink to print certificates so that your employees know that you really mean it when you recognize them.

Using quality awards not only makes you look professional to your employees, but it also boosts their confidence in their jobs and makes the happy. When you have happy, smiling employees, they tend to smile while they are doing their jobs. Their interactions with customers are also better, and this makes a customer want to come into your business again and again. There is nothing worse for a customer to come into a business only to face a sourly employee.

In addition to recognition certificates, you may want to do something special for the employee. Some businesses give a cash bonus while others may give a Christmas gift or Gold Balloons Casual Certificates by PaperDirecttake the employees out to lunch. In addition to employee of the year, you could also give a runner up and a third place recognition certificate to additional employees who went above and beyond during the year.

Instead of using typical square-bordered certificates, you may also want to consider some of the more decorative choices, including the gold balloon certificate. The gold balloons signify that your employee gave you golden service throughout the year. You’ll find many different designs to help you tell your employee that this is not just a “thing” you feel you have to do, but that you really do appreciate their help. Other ideas include medallion stars and the lamp of knowledge certificate.

Pristine Specialty Certificates by PaperDirectRemember, keeping your employees happy is an inexpensive way to bring customers back. Happy employees tend to draw customers back time and time again. When you use quality certificates for employee of the year or other employee awards, your employees will know that you really do appreciate them.