How to Easily Create a Plaque for Your Small Business

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

Piano Wood Custom Engraved Plaque Creating a plaque is a great way to recognize your employees and add some new life to your small business. You can make a plaque for any number of reasons, whether it be for an Employee of the Month contest or to acknowledge a sales goal in the previous month. The best part is, you can make the plaque any way you want and customize it specifically to your company’s needs.

How to Create a Plaque

PaperDirect offers a wide variety of plaques, certificates and awards that will be sure to boost morale and encourage your employees. You can choose a basic certificate holder plaque, or you can go with a standalone design featuring a medallion. You can even get a plaque with multiple name slots, allowing you to recognize multiple achievements.

When you select the perfect plaque for your organization, you’ll be asked to customize 5 Star Certificate Plaque by PaperDirectyour new plaque. Depending on which plaque you order, you may be able to customize multiple areas of the plaque. You can select the color of the frame on certificate plaques and the font you’d like to use for engravings. The Specifications section on the plaque’s page will show you exactly how much room you have to compose your message.

While you can write any message you want, and you can (and should!) have a little fun with what you write, be sure that your text is typo-free.

Once you finish customizing your plaque, add it to your cart. Before you check out, you’ll be able to see when your plaque will ship and how much shipping will cost. From there, you can either add more plaques to your order or simply check out.

Star Medallion Star Plaque by PaperDirectWhy PaperDirect?

At PaperDirect, creating a plaque is fun and easy! PaperDirect is one of the Web’s leading plaque retailers, allowing full customization of plaques for any occasion. We encourage customers to submit reviews on our site so that future customers can be assured of our commitment to quality. For more information, visit