5 Motivational Game Ideas to Energize Desk Workers

Employee Recognition Ideas

White Plinko Game by PaperDirectYour employees may love their jobs, but after years of sitting at desks and staring at their computers, they’re beginning to get a bit lethargic. This could be problematic for customer relations, as clients want to interact with energetic and enthusiastic company representatives. Consider revitalizing your workplace with one or more of the following motivational game ideas:

1. Musical Chairs

Sometimes, employees just need a few minutes to let loose and act like kids. What better way to accomplish this than with an old-fashioned game of musical chairs?

This game can easily be held in empty meeting rooms or anywhere else you happen to have a bit of free space. If the weather is nice and your workplace has the luxury of a nice outdoor area, consider playing the game with cushions in the grass.

2. Beach Ball Toss

Have you recently added new members to your team? It’s time to build a sense of camaraderie with an ice-breaking game.

Use a permanent marker to write one interesting question on each section of a beach ball — examples could include childhood memories or favorite local venues. When a participant catches the beach ball, he or she is required to answer one of the questions his or her hands are touching.

3. Office Award Nominations

Stars Casual Certificates by PaperDirect

Remember the Dundies from The Office? Michael Scott awarded these haphazardly, but you can up the ante by having employees nominate each other for silly awards such as most creative or worst morning person.

After the nominations are complete, have a voting round and then present certificates or trophies at a special potluck or banquet.

4. Work-Related Trivia

Hold a contestant in which participants are required to answer trivia questions related to the history of your company or the product you sell. Be sure to offer an award to the winner, be it a gift card or free mug.

5. Office Charades

Mini Wheel of Fortune by PaperDirect

There’s nothing like a good game of charades to break up a monotonous day at the office. Consider appointing one or two individuals to write out topics on note cards. Once the charades ideas have been completed, place them in a bag and have somebody select a note card at random. This person must act out the topic on the card while everybody else tries to guess what is written there.

Maintaining enthusiasm in the workplace may seem impossible, but by incorporating the right motivational game ideas, you can transform your office from dull to exciting. Feel free to add an extra element of motivation by awarding game winners certificates and other prizes from PaperDirect!