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Submit your Embarrassing Christmas Party

Have an embarrassing Christmas story? We want to hear it!

Whether its an drunken office party foul, family dinner gone awry, or a childhood memory that evokes fear and humiliation, we want it.

Go ahead, don’t be shy! Submit and we’ll publish and choose a winner right before Christmas.

Come on, you know you want to.

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To get the creative juices flowing, here are some funny examples:

  • I showed up to our annual Christmas party wearing the same tie as another guy. (I’m a girl). So much for fashion forwardness.
  • I thought I was going to an ugly sweater party but it ended up being a formal party. I was too far to go home  and change , spent the whole night explaining what I was wearing. Very embarrassing.
  • We were having a little work gathering at a bar/restaurant for Christmas.  As I was getting up to leave, I put my hand on the corner of the small table to push myself up as I stood.  The table wasn’t that secure, and down we went!
  • I was young and went to a Christmas party with coworkers, and never have drank hard alcohol before.  I got tipsy and told a male coworker I had a crush on him.  He told me he was involved with someone, and he was not.
  • Years ago I was at a Christmas Party and I was talking to one of the most handsome guys that I had ever seen. We were talking and he said something funny and I laughed and when I laughed I farted out loud by mistake.
  • I got so drunk at my Husband’s Christmas Party that I invited everyone to meet at my house after the party… I got in bed throwing up sick and the doorbell starts ringing…My Husband says, “Who is that, did you invite people over here”?  I said, “Maybe I did”…I was so embarrassed and my Husband was so mad… they just kept ringing the door bell, saying “Hey let us in, lets party!”

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