Let it Rain! How to Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day

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rainy day

Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular every year.  Perhaps it is because an outdoor wedding offers elements of freedom and chance which are lost in the certainty of an indoor space.

However, with that freedom comes the necessity of dealing with the unexpected elements, such as rain.

Rain might seem disastrous when it comes to the most important day of your life but, with a few genius tips and a back-up plan, it doesn’t have to ruin the event.

Plan for Rain, Don’t Hope it Won’t

If your wedding falls in a month with any chance of rain, plan as if rain is a certainty.   If it does rain, you’ll be able to act with certainty instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to do in the moment or collapsing in tears.

Have Tents Available

Even if you want to do without tents or canopies if possible, have them available just in case. While they may not be ideal in some cases, it is important to think of the comfort of your guests.  Another great option is to plan to have the reception under tents that way you can move to the space quickly if necessary.

Choose Water Proof

Another way to rain-proof your big day is to rain-proof it! Choose a hair style that will look great wet or dry, bridesmaid dresses that can withstand elements, umbrellas that worth with your colors, and bring in some stepping stones for the aisle if needed.

Keep Them Warm

Remember to keep your guests warm. Consider serving warm drinks and having fire pits.

Make Rain Prep Camera Ready

Rain or no rain—you can still have stellar wedding pictures.  In fact, you can even make rain part of the pictures with fabulous results! Think of rain gear as props and get cute matching umbrellas and fun rain boots to add visual interest.

With the right planning, rain can not only not be a problem, but be a beautifully romantic addition to your special day.

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