How to Get More Sponsors for Your Charity Golf Tournament

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In a Constant Contact blog post from 2012, author Ryan Mahoney states that sponsors “are one of the foundational elements of your event because they add things that can draw people.”

We agree. If you’re planning a charity gold tournament, you need sponsors to give their support.

Rather than scratching your head wondering how to get sponsors for a golf tournament, use the following seven methods to aid your efforts.

Make It Worthwhile

When speaking with a potential sponsor, be prepared to discuss how sponsorship will benefit them. It’s important to keep in mind that while a business wants to help the community, its ultimate goal is leads and profits.

A company’s decision makers will want to know the target audience for the tournament, the results other business had when they sponsored the event previously, and the type of exposure the business will receive if they opt to sponsor the tournament.

One major factor that will help sway sponsors is large brand mentions. Make sure each sponsor gets multiple shoutouts- in the country club, at each hole, in the invitations to the players, etc.

Connect With Supporters

A charity already has lists of people who donate to, volunteer for, and support the organization. Reach out to them to let them know you’re looking for sponsors to participate in your upcoming golf tournament. Donors, volunteers, and supporters could have helpful suggestions for sponsors or could be interested in sponsoring the tournament themselves.

Knock On Doors

Yes, we live in a digital age. However, getting out of the office to speak with potential sponsors in-person is far more effective than sending out emails or posting calls-to-action on your charity’s social media channels. You’ll find businesses are more inclined to say “yes” when they are discussing sponsoring your charity golf tournament in-person rather than over the phone or via e-mail.

Community Outreach

Golfers love hitting the links, whether it’s for fun or a good cause. Promote your charity golf tournament at courses in the area and talk about the event to any of your golfing friends. Also, reach out to the community that takes special interest in your charity. If your organization works to end hunger, get in touch with local restaurants, food reviewers, and food wholesalers about sponsoring your tournament.

Target Like-Minded Businesses

For example, if your charity helps animals, speak with local vet clinics and pet supply stores about sponsoring the golf tournament. A business with related interests to your charity can use their sponsorship of the tournament as a marketing opportunity.

Get The Word Out

Social media posts, email newsletters, direct mail flyers, and custom signage are just a few of the methods your organization can use to raise awareness for your upcoming golf tournament. Additionally, promoting your event isn’t just a great way to bring in donors but a crucial method for attracting sponsors.

Finding Sponsors Where You Least Expect It

In the months leading up to your charity golf tournament, all you should be talking about to anybody is the event. You never know who you might be chatting up. The casual mention of a charity golf tournament to someone could result in a new sponsor for the event.