5 Ways Completion Certificates Impact Classes & Seminars

How to Design Certificates

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There are a variety of reasons a small business might offer a class or seminar to the public, such as: increasing awareness, establishing expertise, building a client list. However, offering a class or seminar without including a completion certificate is an effort wasted. Yes, it might seem like a small detail that shouldn’t really matter but you would be surprised at how impactful it can be. Discover how completion certificates impact the success of any classes or seminars offered by your company.

Selling Point

Your small business is offering a seminar to the general public. People have a ton of options for how they can spend their free time, and while your seminar might be informative and useful, you need something extra to entice individuals to register. Including in the promotion of your seminar that participants receive a completion certificate at the end is a powerful selling point that will impact how many people sign up.


A person taking the time out of their schedule to participate in a class are attempting to accomplish something. A completion certificate is a goal people can work towards in your class. When there’s a clear objective, people can focus on achieving it. Establishing a goal of earning a completion certificate impacts how students approach and engage with your class. The more people are asking questions and starting discussions, the more interested they are in whatever information you are passing along to them.


No one wants to walk away from something empty-handed. Sure after attending a seminar, a person leaves with increased knowledge but humans need a tangible takeaway, such as a completion certification. Attendees finish your seminar and receive their completion certificate feeling proud and accomplished, impacting how they perceive your company. Don’t you want customers associating your business with positive feelings?

Resume Booster

Your company might offer a class that enhances a person’s professional skills. Therefore, a completion certificate is something people might include on their resumes. Offering a class as a professional growth opportunity impacts the type of individuals who enroll. You’ll find more serious, focused, and engaged people sign up. This translates into stronger leads generated for your business from class attendees.

Marketing Opportunity

You never know where one of your completion certificates might end up. Maybe a person hangs it on their refrigerator and the next time they host a party, people notice the completion certificate, see your company’s name, and get in touch with you about other learning opportunities or perhaps a product or service your business offers. A completion certificate gets your brand name out there without paying for promotion, marketing or advertising. This impacts future enrollment in your seminars and classes, not to mention, the potential for new customers for your company.