Creative Touch Points for the Sales Team

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We are living in an increasingly automated world. Marketing automation in particular has taken the marketing and sales world by storm, helping us save time and – if we do it right – improve conversions and sales through highly customized outreach efforts.

The downside to all this automation, though, is that some marketers and sales professionals are getting less personal with their clients and prospective customers. The points at which we interact directly with our customers and prospective clients are called “touchpoints,” and can be anything from a letter to an email to a message on social media to a phone call. They can even be literal touch points, like when you shake hands and meet in person, or make an acquaintance at a conference and pass along your business card.

If you’re in a business with lots of competition – and even if you aren’t! – standing out from the crowd with regards to how you interact with customers at these touchpoints can be critical. Being memorable often means getting creative, and thinking outside the box for ideas that will stick with your prospective customers.

Here are some creative ideas for making a lasting impression at a variety of touchpoints throughout the sales process.

Join a club, community organization, or board

Better yet, join one that has relevant ties to your business. This can give you an opportunity to interact and network with prospective clients in a more relaxed setting.

Sponsor and host a special event

By giving individuals an opportunity to meet and mingle with others in their field or industry, you help them create connections, fostering good will. It also gives you a unique touchpoint opportunity.

Create and record a podcast

On a topic that could be helpful to your customers or prospective customers, and use it as a reason to reach out. You’ll be providing something interesting and worthwhile for them, not just contacting them out of the blue, which puts you on firmer footing.


Send custom, heartfelt cards to customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The personal touch will feel warm and friendly, and it gives you an opportunity to put yourself and your business at top of mind.

Similarly, write a letter, just because

Be tactful – sending a personal letter to a customer or contact you barely know may not be a great idea. But if you have a longstanding history with them, a personal letter just to say hello and wish them the best can leave a warm, positive feeling that resonates long after they finish reading.

Don’t send gifts – make a donation in their honor. A great way to show a customer you truly understand them is not necessarily to send a generic gift basket at the holidays. Instead, make a donation to a cause that matters to them. It shows you care, both about others and about what they find important.

Provide free mentorship

Your customers and prospective clients are likely used to hearing from you when you are interested in selling something. Shake things up and instead, offer free coaching or mentorship on a topic that matters to them. You’ll be creating an opportunity to interact with them closely while also showing your positivity and engendering more good will.

Make your business card stick out

Nothing says “forget about me!” like a business card that looks like every single other business card your customer has ever seen. Sometimes, all you have is a quick hello and an exchange of business cards to make an impression. Ensure your business card leaves a lasting impression by thinking outside the box, with regards to color, size, texture, typography, and more.

Personalize your transactional correspondence

Many of us send automated sales messages before, during, and after a sale has been made. Most of these are generic in nature. Instead, make them custom to the client. It may seem like a small detail, but it can really stick with them, and make them feel like more than a number.

Automated marketing and sales processes are wonderful in a lot of ways, no doubt about that. But when it comes to precise touchpoints for interacting with our customers, a personal, customized touch can go a long way. Use these creative sales ideas to inject some personality into your process and see what a difference it makes with your customers and prospective clients alike!