How to Recognize Your Administrative Professionals on April 27th

Employee Recognition Ideas

administrative professionals day

While management might be the head honchos in your office, it is the administrative professionals who make a lot happen. From answering phones to helping with projects, administrative professionals are the glue that keeps a business together when there’s deadlines, issues, and busy days. Beginning in 1953, office staff have dedicated time during the end of April to recognizing the administrative professionals that make their jobs easier. On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, recognize your administrative professionals using some of these methods.

Put It In Writing

Whether it’s a certificate or thank you card, recognize your administrative professional with something that says how much you appreciate all of their hard work. If you choose to give out certificates to administrative professionals, consider hosting an award ceremony in your office that really shines a light on these employees and all of their efforts. On the other hand, if you opt to write thank you notes to your administrative staff, get everyone to sign these cards.

Celebrate Their Efforts

How would your administrative employees like to celebrate all of their work for your company? A barbecue for the entire staff on a sunny afternoon? A decadent lunch out with the bosses at a local eatery? Taking a few hours to recognize your administrative professionals with a party or special event is an effective method for demonstrating your appreciation. You could host a dessert buffet in the office and have non-administrative staff make or buy their favorite sweet treats for the celebration. Even a trip to a nearby cafe for a warm cup of coffee and a delightful conversation is a kind way to recognize their hard work.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best way to recognize an employee’s efforts is by awarding them with time away from the office. Give administrative staff gift certificates to a spa for an hour or two of pampering or simply grant them an extra vacation day in the near future. The gift of free time goes a long way towards boosting morale and demonstrating appreciation.

Share The Memories

Is there a shutterbug in your office? Ask them to share their pictures and create a scrapbook or PowerPoint presentation that shows off all the fun and happy memories your staff has had together. If you don’t have a collection of photos to choose from, select one really good picture and have it nicely framed as a gift for your administrative staff. People spend a significant portion of their lives at work, so there’s no reason those memories shouldn’t be joyous and shared.

Invest In Them

Every day, your administration professional invest their time and energy into your business. Return the kindness by investing in them. Whether it’s giving them shares in your company, offering them professional development opportunities, or gifting them with a class in a subject or skill they’ve always been interested in, this is a gesture that continues to give long after Administrative Professionals Day has ended. For example, maybe your administrative professional is really interested in social media so you could pay for a social media marketing webinar for this employee.