Dean’s List Certificate Templates & Wording

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Dean's List Certs

While most folks wouldn’t want to brag about being on a hit list or blacklist, making the dean’s list is a stellar achievement indeed. Bragging rights are definitely included with the honor, which means universities need to provide certificates that are worthy of being shown, hung and, perhaps most importantly, posted on Facebook or Instagram.

A brag-worthy dean’s list certificate consists of two key components:

  • Certificate on high-quality paper stock featuring a handsome design
  • Dean’s list certificate wording that sounds honorable, official and, in some cases, even poetic

Your dean’s list certificate wording can get as long and lofty as you like, although most follow a general template that includes the basic info.

Dean’s List Certificate Templates

Information for a dean’s list certificate template typically includes:

  • Name of college or university
  • Name of certificate or award
  • Reason certificate is being awarded
  • Name of recipient
  • Semester and year the certificate is being awarded
  • Official school seal and dean’s signature

Template Example 1:

Name of University across the top of the certificate

This Dean’s List Certificate is hereby awarded to

(Name of recipient)

for outstanding scholastic achievement in the (fall/spring) semester of (year).

The bottom of the certificate generally includes an official stamp of the school’s seal on the lower left and dean’s signature and title on the lower right.  

Template Example 2:

Name of University across the top

Dean’s List Certificate/Dean’s List Award directly below name of university

This award certifies that

(Name of recipient)

Has achieved the honor of placement on the Dean’s List due to outstanding scholastic performance during the (fall/spring) semester (year).

School seal in lower left corner; dean’s signature and title in bottom right corner.

Dean’s List Certificate Wording

Once you have the general template down, you can play around a bit with the wording to create an overall message that best reflects the personality of your school. Items to consider include:

Name of Document

  • Dean’s List Certificate
  • Dean’s List Award
  • Dean’s List Honor
  • Dean’s List Recognition

Reason for Receiving Document

This (Name of document) is being awarded to (Name of recipient) due to:

  • Superior scholarly performance worthy of note and inclusion on the Dean’s List
  • Academic excellence as evidenced by achieving a GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Outstanding scholastic performance
  • Outstanding scholarly achievement
  • Scholastic excellence
  • Scholarly dedication and greatness
  • Superior scholarly achievement
  • Notable scholastic performance
  • Remarkable academic performance

Dean’s list certificate wording is typically pretty straightforward, although you can certainly add fanfare with the certificate’s coloring, border and other details. The overall vibe is to instill pride and recognition for a job well done – and a certificate well deserved.