Award Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

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Revered, brilliant mathematician Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is an important part of the school year–it’s when students, parents, and administrators recognize the hard work and dedication of educators. This year, have some fun during Teacher Appreciation Week with some award ideas for acknowledging the efforts of your educational staff. Awards don’t have to be fancy trophies. An elegant certificate is a thoughtful gesture on Teacher Appreciation Week that makes an impactful statement.

Perfect Attendance Award

A Perfect Attendance Award is a classic recognition award in any school. A teacher who receives this awards shows up for class in rain, sleet, or snow. The award recipient sets an example for students and fellow teachers, making his/her way into school regardless of the weather or any nasty illnesses circulating in the hallways.

Coolest Classroom Award

This award recognizes the teacher who transformed his/her classroom into an inspirational haven for learning and creativity. Taking the time and dedicating energy to turning a plain room filled with desks into an educational escape is an effort that should absolutely be celebrated.

No-Nonsense Nurturer Award

This teacher is known for his/her tough love approach to teaching. At first, this person might seem gruff or uncaring but on closer inspection, it becomes quite clear that this educator is dedicated to nurturing students and encouraging them to achieve at their highest level.

Walking Wikipedia Award

Ms. Smith teaches biology but everyone knows they can go to her with questions on a wide variety of topics and receive a thorough explanation. This particular teacher dedicates him/herself to educating people whenever s/he is presented with the opportunity to do so.

Top First-Year Teacher

Teaching can sometimes be treacherous and grueling, and surviving the first year of it is truly an accomplishment. Acknowledge the first year triumphs of this newbie teacher with an award they’ll cherish for decades to come.

School Spirit Award

This award goes to any teacher who attends every school play, supports each fundraiser, and cheers from the sidelines of every game. This teacher represents the heart and soul of your school. Both in and out of the classroom, this person goes above and beyond to set the example for school spirit and that should be rewarded.

Humanitarian Award

You would use the words “kind” and “generous” to describe this teacher because s/he is always there to lend a helping hand to another person, whether it’s a student, parent, colleague, or otherwise. This teacher puts others before him/herself and is probably an educator because s/he wanted a career where they could focus on helping others.

Green Guru Award

From setting up a recycling program for the school to composting lunchroom waste, this teacher is driven to educating the world, while also making it a greener place. Say “thank you” for all of the environmentally-conscious efforts this teacher has dedicated to the school and its students.

Tech Whiz Award

Busted laptop or malfunctioning tablet, this teacher can fix any tech gadget with just a few taps. Like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat, s/he can easily resolve vexing technical issues and doesn’t mind lending their digital expertise to students and colleagues alike.

Class Clown Award

This title isn’t reserved for students. Some teachers have that incredible ability to teach through comedy, allowing students to learn and laugh at the same. Of course in the faculty lounge, this teacher is surrounded by his/her peers, cracking jokes and make everyone smile.

The [School Name] Peace Prize

Schools can be hotbeds for conflict, but luckily yours has one teacher that always knows how to keep the peace and work out the issues. Recognize the hard work it requires to have the patience, understanding, and talent to cool tensions between people at odds.

Say thank you to your teaching staff this year with these inspiring awards. Shop for the perfect certificate to accompany their new title on PaperDirect today!