Employee Recognition Letter: What to Write [Sample]

Employee Recognition Ideas

employee recognition letter

Your colleague excels. You look forward to collaborating with them and know they put their best foot forward every time you ask for assistance. If you want to give them a more heartfelt thank you than a quick email, an employee recognition letter is the way to go.

If putting your thoughts into words on paper has left you tongue-tied, we’ve got the solution. Craft a one-page document that glorifies their professional skills and unique attributes and gives them genuine praise for the hard work they do at work. Here’s how to write a powerful employee recognition letter: 

Employee Recognition Letter Prep

Before you start writing, brainstorm what topics you want to address. Here’s a list of questions to wake up your brain and get your thoughts organized before updating the sample letter to fit your employee’s needs.

  • What projects or achievements instantly stand out in your memory?
  • What specific qualities does this employee bring to their work tasks?
  • What’s it like to work with this employee on a daily basis?
  • Review basic employee stats, including their length of employment and promotions.

Now that you’re in the right mindset, let’s craft that letter. Use this template to guide the structure and flow of the piece, customizing each section to fit the purpose of the letter.

Sample Employee Recognition Letter

Letter Outline

Introduction (1 paragraph): Thank or congratulate them for their hard work and achievements at work.

Body (2 paragraphs): Dive deeper into their achievements and work. How did their actions help you and the business? What specific things did they do to warrant recognition?

Conclusion (1 paragraph): Reiterate your thanks, and highlight how you look forward to working with them in the future.

Sample letter

Dear Leslie,

I wanted to say thank you for the dedication and hard work you’ve put into your job here at ACME industries over the past year. No matter what project you’re tackling, you always bring invaluable insight and motivation to the task.

I was particularly impressed with your work on the presentation for our sales team that lead to a 12 percent increase in their fourth-quarter earnings, which was double their projected growth. Your presentation was a direct catalyst for this growth.

Your attention to detail and determination to see the company succeed and grow into an international namesake is a huge asset. You always bring positivity to the office that inspires the colleagues you supervise, and your background in e-commerce and retail bring a fresh perspective to our business.

It has been an absolute pleasure having you on our team this past year, and I look forward to watching you continue to grow and excel as a part of the ACME team.


Sarah Conrad

CEO, ACME Industries

Finally, print the employee recognition letter on top-quality monogrammed paper to give it that extra touch of professionalism before sending it off. Shop PaperDirect for the perfect stationery and employee recognition supplies today!