Punctuation Rules for Business Letters

Designing Your Business Communication

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While business letters can often be compelling and even fun to read, they should also showcase proper punctuation. Punctuation rules for business letters are fairly straightforward, but you can mess them up as early as the salutation. Salutation and Closing Business letters can feature one of two types of punctuation based on the punctuation marks you use after your salutation…

5 Punctuation Rules that are Made to be Broken

Designing Your Business Communication

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The only people who do not find punctuation sticklers to be, well, just plain annoying, are the nitpickers themselves. Although we do need punctuation rules simply because misplacing a comma or period can create serious miscommunication issues, some punctuation rules are made to be broken. Here are five of them: 1. Comma dilemma over whether to use a comma after…

5 Common Punctuation Mistakes and How to Never Make them Again

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Running a business requires a lot including wicked sharp financial smarts, awesome people skills, and killer marketing savvy. But did you ever stop to think that having good grammar skills is also critically important to the success of your business? It’s true. In the era of electronic communication, your grammatical skills often define you. Making common punctuation mistakes can give…