Great Ideas for Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Ideas

Good employees are hard to find and rewarding those that show loyalty, initiative, drive and are great assets for the company need to be recognized for their efforts. Choose a variety of great ideas for employee recognition with awards and certificates for your recognition program—you’ll be prepared for everything from the most casual to the most formal presentations!

  1. Certificates & MiniAwards Build the foundation of your recognition program with full-size Certificates and MiniAwards. These versatile formats help you present exceptional personalized awards for a variety of reasons, events, and occasions. Add a jacket to your certificate and you’ve created an inexpensive yet lasting tribute.
  2. LetterTop™ & Gift Certificates When recognition also means reward, consider using a format that lets you present a gift at the same time. A LetterTop Certificate provides room for a letter of explanation and includes a tear-off certificate at the bottom. Gift certificates are the perfect way to give deserving employees something extra—from a dinner for two to a paid day off! Other ideas could include:
    • Free coffee for a week
    • A close-in reserved parking space for a month
    • A substantial discount on your company’s products or services
  3. Lasting Awards Some achievements absolutely require a standout form of recognition. You’ll be prepared when you add a selection of special awards to your recognition program. Kudos™, plaques, and framed, matted awards help you make the most of your recognition dollars while presenting awards recipients are proud to display.
  4. Fun & Informal Create lively on-the-spot awards that are unique, fun, and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Give a coupon that’s a thoughtful surprise—present a clever handwritten award—make a gift of a fun-to-read book. Let your imagination soar and you’ll discover ideas that motivate and inspire excellence from every person in your company. Other casual recognition awards could be:
    • A box of candy
    • Tickets to the movies
    • A paid afternoon off
    • Breakfast at work–on you
    • Free passes to the zoo or a museum
    • A small floral bouquet or a live plant