Help Your Next Business Fundraiser Succeed With Custom Raffle Tickets

Designing Your Business Communication

A lot of businesses either help with fund raising for various charities or are non-profits and use raffles to promote awareness and to raise funds as well. Being able to make your own custom raffle tickets gives the ability to reduce expenses since the job to make the tickets isn’t being sent to a print company and it also enables you to print as many tickets as you want. This means a raffle can have 100 tickets or 10,000 tickets if you like. Not only that, but creating your own tickets mean you control every aspect of the raffle process.

Blank raffle tickets are very inexpensive and you can get a template for your favorite word processor so making the tickets at your business or home is a breeze. Tickets are designed to be torn in half after you fill out the information on it so you have to design your tickets accordingly. The side with the information is fairly straightforward. All you need is a blank for the person’s name, the address (optional) and a phone number to contact them in case they win.

You can use the other side for anything that’s necessary. Not only can you put the charity info on it, sponsor info, a picture of the grand prize, how much the ticket is, but you can put anything else that seems appropriate. Usually you want the ticket to be a part of the sell process, so having color on it to attract attention is a good thing as well. Since the purchaser is going to keep that part, having advertising info for the sponsor and the charity means whoever sees the stub will see the ads which encourages more people to sponsor raffles.

Don’t forget the back of the ticket stub as well. This area often gets overlooked as a way to include sponsor information or more information about the charity or reason for the raffle. Depending on the size of the ticket, a lot of information can be placed on both sides. Don’t forget to put the date of the drawing somewhere so the ticket-holder will know when to expect a call if they win.

Custom raffle tickets are a great way to raise money. Since they can be used to raffle off anything from a gas grill all the way through a car, they’re inexpensive and easy to sell. The ability to create your own custom raffle tickets gives you all kinds of flexibility. They give you the ability to advertise easily with a minimum of cost.