Business Card Paper Stock – The Right Look, The Right Weight

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When it comes to business cards, the choices seem endless, but that should be seen as a positive–not a negative. The vast selection of business cards at PaperDirect will amaze you, and we’re sure you’ll find one that perfectly represents you and your business.

There’s a bit more to business cards than meets the eye. Yes, we want them to look professional, have an easy-to-read font and eye-catching images, but there are some other decisions that must be made when it comes to choosing your business card. Have you ever thought about the weight (or thickness) of your business card?

Weight Information for Business Cards

As mentioned in the title of this blog, business cards are printed on some form of “paper stock” whose visual effect, method of printing, and cost will vary. When you choose a business card design from PaperDirect, you can click directly on that card and get weight information. For example, a traditional business card that is standard size (2″ X 3.5″) comes in custom printed weight (you customize online and we print) and desktop printable weight (you print on our designed paper). Here are the custom printed specifications:

  • New heavy stocks (111 lb)
  • Premium white stocks and super glossy (130 lb)
  • 80 lb white stocks and super glossy
Here are the desktop printable specifications:
  • 65 lb cover stock
  • 8.5”x 11” sheet
  • 10 cards/sheet
  •  2” x 3.5” business card

Paper with a heavier weight, especially with rag bond edging or embossing will add that level of quality and feel you get from high quality business cards.  Regardless of how great the design is or what is pre-printed on your cards, the real first impression your card will make is the way it feels when someone is holding it.

Save Money on Your Business Cards

One way to save a lot of money on business cards is to make them yourself. There are lots of templates available for popular word processing and graphics design programs that make lying out and designing your own cards a breeze. All you have to do is put the company logo or graphic you want on the card, set up the text with names and company info and print them off on business card paper stock. You can actually layout and design business cards in a matter of a few minutes and make changes in seconds.

Make sure your business card makes a good first impression for you. It may cost you a few pennies extra per card for heavier, higher-quality business card paper stock, but that first impression will be priceless.

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