Plaque Awards Your Employees Will Appreciate

Employee Recognition Ideas

Employee recognition has become one of the most useful tools that a human resources departments has in its arsenal to build employee morale and improve employee retention. In today’s economy, bonuses and raises can be a little difficult to build into a budget, so alternative methods for rewarding employees for their efforts and accomplishments have to be put in place. One great way to show employees how much they’re appreciated is with a plaque award.

Plaque awards come in a couple of styles. The first style is a full plaque. These are very nice for special presentations and when the employee needs to have a special honor bestowed on them. The prices for these plaques can be in then $10 to however much money you want to spend range, and makes for a very nice award. However, if you have quite a few employees that need recognition, this can get very expensive, very quickly.

The other type of plaque awards is an expandable one. These have a main plate with the award title on it, such as employee of the month, with space for additional, smaller plates to be added. This means that the plaque can be awarded multiple times and displayed in a prominent location like the reception desk where everyone can see the award. Not only will the employee know they’ve received an award, but everyone who sees it can know that their efforts have been appreciated.  Having their name on one of those smaller plates and receiving a certificate or small plaque to go with it gives them a sense of satisfaction on multiple levels.

Finding the ways to let employees know the company does appreciate their work and effort isn’t as easy as it used to be. With bonuses pretty much out of the budgetary question, the alternatives have to be ones that will show that appreciation in an economical manner. Plaque awards are a great way to build employee morale and to boost retention and you don’t have to break the budget to do it. Check out all the great plaques available and see just how they can work into a recognition program in your company.