Corporate Award Trophies Help Your Business Celebrate Milestones

Employee Recognition Ideas

During a company’s growth, there are lots of times when it reaches a certain level. That first big sale, breaking sales records, reaching new production levels are just a few of the milestones that are well worth celebrating. Marking those milestones with an award trophy gives the company a way to visually keep track of where it’s been and gives new goals to reach.

There are all kinds of awards trophies available that are suitable for every kind of milestone. From inexpensive acrylic awards in the shape of the number 1 which can be etched to commemorate the first year of business all the way through lead crystal championship cups to celebrate some milestone which is truly spectacular like a million dollar sale.

Most awards are inexpensive. Acrylic awards cost in the $10 range but having them etched and mounted by an award company (usually done with a laser engraver) will generally push the cost into the $20 range. Many companies can take online orders and some even offer the capability for you to do the design and set-up online saving costs. There are glass awards available as well. They usually push into the $50 to $100 range depending on the size and type of glass used, but make for very nice awards.

Plaques and the traditional metal trophy cups make great awards as well. Engraving them with the milestone to be honored can either be done on a plate to be affixed to the base of the award or on the plaque or on the side of the trophy itself. This is usually handled by a trophy company on an engraving machine and makes for a very nice award.

Celebrating milestones for your company is important. Not only does it mark an important occasion in the company’s growth, but everyone in the company can look at the trophy or award and know that they had a part in making that happen. An employee that’s proud of their company and their part in it means a lot. It can even mean more than a raise or bonus even, because employees want to be able to see that companies appreciate their efforts. Being able to mark milestones with a tangible award gives all the employees a visible vote of appreciation.