Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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Everybody loves a birthday party regardless of your age. While adults enjoy birthday parties of others more than their own, kids love all birthday parties and wish they could have them every day. While every day would be a bit much, having great birthday parties when they do come around with cakes, presents and games makes that birthday party great. Having a themed birthday party is even more memorable because a themed party makes it much more than just another birthday.

Having a theme party isn’t always about a cartoon character. Here are some ideas about themed birthday parties that you may not have thought of.

–    Have an ice cream party. Instead of a lot of fattening cake and other munchables, have lots of different kinds of ice cream for everyone to enjoy. Explore a wide variety of ice creams as well. Get some different, even esoteric varieties to try since everyone knows chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
–    Cupcake parties are totally different too. Instead of kids fighting over who gets the biggest slice of cake, cupcakes are all the same size and can be decorated any way you want.
–    Carnival parties with all kinds of animal and clown decorations make for a neat theme for a birthday party. Kids will love games and activities based on the carnival too.
–    Sports themed parties are great for the budding athletes. Decorations and cake designs abound for these kinds of parties and the kids love it
–    “Wrong season” parties make for a hilarious time. If the birthday is during the summer, make it into a Christmas party or during the winter, have a 4th of July celebration. Not only will the kids have a great time, you’ll have a blast setting it up.

Themed birthday parties are always fun to host and to be a part of. Working outside the box with themes means your party won’t be like anyone else’s and the kids will have a more memorable time because of that. While kids love any kind of birthday party, having one stand out in their minds long after the event takes place mean you gave them a really happy memory to hang on to.

Take the time to check out all the great themes you can have for a party. You’ll be surprised how many ideas you can have in just a few minutes that will be fun, easy to set up and enjoyed by everyone who comes. Starting off a great party by having themed invitations enables you to have every part of the process match your theme and will make for an even more anticipated birthday party. Have fun with planning it and you’ll have fun throwing it.