Ideas for Student Classroom Rewards

Student Recognition Ideas

One thing teachers know is that keeping kids motivated can be a real challenge.  While bigger kids are beginning to understand the need for their education and aren’t quite as hard to motivate, little kids can be very difficult to keep in the groove. That’s where having classroom rewards comes into play so the kids have a goal to achieve and something to shoot for. While having perks and little gifts for the whole class helps, having special awards to encourage excellence does a much better job.

Classroom rewards that students know about are one thing. Having coupons and certificates they can shoot for gives them a goal that they can see and if the coupons can be traded in for product at the school store, that gives them a tangible reward for their efforts. Kids love to see tangible progress towards a goal and having coupons and award certificates that they know they can win or work their way towards is a very powerful tool to help keep them motivated.

However, award certificates that they don’t know about such as awards for excellence are the ones that they appreciate the most and that can be a way to motivate that student to even higher goals. When students receive awards like these, especially in front of the entire school at a PTO meeting or some other group setting, not only do they get the recognition they deserve but everyone gets to see them get that recognition. This will encourage others to try to achieve that level of quality so they can receive awards like that as well.

Award certificates like these are easy to make and are inexpensive as well. As tight as school budgets are, it would seem that a good place to save money would be in a recognition program like this, but being able to have inexpensive awards that fit within even the tightest budget. Simply pick out some great certificate blanks and download the template for your favorite word processor and set up the text and graphics you want. Being able to customize awards for specific achievements enables teachers and administrators to give students the awards they deserve without killing the budget in the process.

Giving kids the recognition and classroom awards they deserve with award certificates and other incentive programs keeps kids engaged and striving for better goals. Not only will the kids appreciate the awards, but the parents will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to push the kids to do homework. Recognition programs in the school can be a motivating factor that works better than any other method.