Need A Creative Award? Try A Recognition Lapel Pin

Employee Recognition Ideas

Employees appreciate being appreciated by the company they work for. While certificate awards are definitely morale boosters and plaques and trophies look great on the wall or shelf, there really isn’t a way an employee can carry it around with them to show others they’ve been honored. However, if you give recognition lapel pins as an award or as an addition to the award they receive, they can put that on their lapel and go anywhere with it.

Recognition awards not only validate the employee and show the company appreciation for them, but anyone who sees the certificate award, plaque or trophy can see that the company does pay attention to how well employees are doing. Whether it’s an award for achievement such as a Five Year Employment Award or an award specifically for appreciation of performance like an Employee Of The Year Shooting Star Above Beyond Pin by PaperDirectAward, employees are inspired to do their jobs better and more effectively because of them. But having a lapel pin that the employee can wear every day keeps that encouragement at a higher level because other employees see that lapel pin and know what it means.

With all kinds of great lapel pin styles available and being able to have custom pins means employees can have a pin for virtually any recognition occasion. From Team Achievement Awards to Service Awards, there are designs that will enable your employee recognition program to go to an entirely new level. As powerful a tool as employee recognition programs are, you want yours to be the best.

VIP Puzzle Piece Pin by PaperDirectEmployee recognition programs serve a dual purpose. They’re designed to show corporate appreciation for employees that deserve to be recognized and they’re designed to help boost morale amongst the other employees as well. Having a recognition program that is capable of using certificate awards, recognition lapel pins, plaques and trophies as well as other incentive based awards gives them a very flexible and powerful tool in keeping employees happy. While a raise is always nice, being shown recognition and appreciation by the company may mean even more to employees.

Seeing all the awesome recognition lapel pins that are available will definitely give you ideas about how to incorporate them into your recognition program. You’ll like how they look, you’ll like what they represent to your company and your employees will love them when they receive them as part of a recognition ceremony. Take your employee recognition program to an entirely new level with lapel pins to drive employee morale.