Christmas Bridal Shower Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Use the holiday season to inspire wedding festivities like a Christmas bridal shower! When having a Christmas wedding, you can draw inspiration fro holiday decorations and traditions and celebrate the upcoming nuptials and the holidays. With some creativity, you can wow the bride and still be ready for the holidays. For the bridal shower invitations you can choose holiday-themed invitations and send those to your guests, or you can include a pre-printed sheet in your Christmas card. The sheet should include all the details like the date and time, location and any specific instructions regarding food, beverages or gifts.

Food, Drink and Decorations

When planning the menu for your Christmas bridal shower, be sure to keep to the holiday theme with brightly colored red and green vegetables, finger sandwiches cut into holiday shapes using a cookie cutter, and decorated holiday cookies. A festive red punch or eggnog (spiked if you so chose) make great drinks for bridal showers during the holiday season. The obvious bridal shower party favor would be a lovely Christmas ornament. Poinsettias make lovely shower decorations, and you can hang mistletoe and holly throughout the house or other venue to add a special holiday touch.

Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Wrap gifts using the bride’s wedding theme and colors, which, for a holiday wedding are probably the same colors you would associate with Christmas: red, green, gold, silver and white.  You can even be “green” (eco friendly, that is) and wrap your gift in brown paper bags or newspapers; use environmentally friendly paints for splashes of color. Accessorize the gift with paper flowers that you’ve cut out or household items that you can make work as gift wrap accessories. There are fancy (yet inexpensive) fabrics that can be used to wrap gifts; try chiffon and see how that works for you.

Gift Ideas

Since it’s the holiday season, you may get exhausted just thinking about doing more shopping, but you have to get the bride a great gift for her Christmas bridal shower. Try some items that will allow her to pamper herself like relaxation materials, bath products, entertaining magazines and even some delicious chocolates are all things she can indulge in and enjoy some me time before the big day.

If the couple is planning a honeymoon in a warm location, you can present a gift bag filled with items she can use on her honeymoon like sunscreen, a large beach towel, a good book or even a travel guide for the country she’s traveling to.

Membership to some type of monthly club like a wine club or a cheese club. If you’re feeling very generous, you can buy a one-year gym membership for the bride, but be careful she doesn’t take this the wrong way and think you’re saying she’s out of shape! Wine-of-the-month clubs are great fun, and each new month brings a new bottle of wine to enjoy. The bride and groom can enjoy your gift for months following the wedding.

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