Gift Etiquette: Is Re-Gifting Practical, Forbidden, or an Art?

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Glee Tree Casual Invitations by PaperDirectRe-gifting is a nice way to utilize unwanted or un-needed gifts that others may really need or enjoy. When it may be impossible or just impolite to make a return, re-gifting has become an acceptable practice (in most cases) for getting use out of something you really can’t use. Some people justify re-gifting by imagining gifts they’ve given to others in the past have been re-gifted, while others are just not comfortable re-gifting no matter what.

When handled politely and kindly, re-gifting can really be a practical means of passing along something you don’t need to someone who does need or want it. Just don’t get too involved in the process and make re-gifting an art by craftily Jolly Holiday Border Papers by PaperDirectplanning how you will “pass on” every single gift you receive. That really has nothing at all to do with the spirit of giving, especially during the holiday season. When done tastefully, re-gifting is not forbidden at all. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about gift etiquette and the process of re-gifting.

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Gift Etiquette: Frequently Asked Questions About Re-Gifting

When is it acceptable to re-gift? If and when re-gifting is permissible depends largely on the feelings of the giver. Will the gift giver ever discoverChristmas Fantasy Newsletters by PaperDirect that you have passed along their gift? If you are certain there’s no way the giver will know you re-gifted, then you may feel safe to do so. There are time when it just makes sense to re-gift such as when the person to whom you are re-gifting will get a lot of enjoyment out of something that doesn’t necessarily suit your personal tastes.

Should I admit to my gift recipient that I re-gifted? Sometimes this may be appropriate, such as when you re-gift an expensive item. If you don’t tell the recipient that you re-gifted, he/she may feel obligated to buy you a gift of equal value. This could cause both of you to be uncomfortable and cause financial hardship for the giver.

How should I re-package the gift? Whatever you do, don’t re-package your item so that it appears to be from another retailer. Dazzling Sparkle Casual Invitations by PaperDirectImagine the embarrassment if someone tried to return your re-gift! Select beautiful wrapping paper and a gorgeous piece of ribbon just as you would for any other occasion.

Are there certain occasions where re-gifting is a good idea? Absolutely! Consider a couple with a large family who is celebrating the arrival of a new baby. They may receive baby equipment or clothing that they already own. In such an event, it might make sense for them to pass along these duplicate gifts to someone in need.

What is one very important rule to know when re-gifting? Other than not hurting the feelings of the original gift giver, the most important thing is to be sure that the re-gift is suitable for the new recipient. Are you merely burdening someone with an unwanted item, or presenting someone with something they really will enjoy?

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