Let the Graduation Party Commence – Creative Party Ideas

Student Recognition Ideas

While the graduation ceremony itself is the official way to recognize a student’s accomplishment, there’s usually not space for all of the student’s friends and family to attend. That’s why so many families host a graduation party afterwards to celebrate together and give guests a chance to interact with the graduate, not just watch him walk across a stage. Incorporate some of these creative ideas into your graduation party.

Use the School Colors: Anybody can throw a generic graduation party full of black mortarboards and gold diploma scrolls, but you can personalize yours by using the school colors in the theme and decorations. Choose graduation party invitations with the school’s colors in the border, decorate with streamers and balloons, and even incorporate the school mascot if you can.

Set up a Photo Booth: Rather than creating a display with memorabilia from the student’s educational career, encourage guests to use the items as props in a photo booth. Create an area at the party with a camera or laptop set up to take pictures and let guests pose with old sports jerseys, textbooks, backpacks, and trophies.

Make Graduation Cap Treats: You’ll need plenty of finger food at the party, and one creative type is designed to look like a graduation cap. Make miniature ones with small peanut butter cups turned upside down topped with a chocolate square and fruit roll up tassel, or larger ones out of an upside down cupcake with a graham cracker on top and frosting tassel.

The graduation party should be a fun event, with lots of laughter and reminiscing about the student’s time in school. Start planning well in advance, and use PaperDirect to create custom graduation party invitations and graduation announcements to spread the word.