Stellar Awards for Star Students

Student Recognition Ideas

Encircle Casual CertificatesKids achieve great things in the classroom, and it’s about time their brilliance is rewarded. When generic honor-student bumper stickers aren’t enough, it’s time to get creative. Give your star students the personalized recognition they deserve. PaperDirect has a plethora of award ideas, including certificates of recognition and awards for excellence, special achievements, and simply for going above and beyond the call of learning.

Unique students deserve unique awards. Simply choose a template, then tweak the layout, Science Award Casual Certificatescolor scheme, fonts, and other design elements to bring out your child’s personality. Who says certificates of recognition have to be stuffy and serious? Change the title to something creative and whimsical. Toss in your student’s nickname. Reserve a special space for an inside joke. Add photos of your child and images of his or her favorite things to make it an award to remember.

What if you have a bunch of overachievers on your hands? Choose a template to foster group cohesion and team spirit, then give each award a unique finishing touch to boost your kids’ confidence as individuals. Whether your kids are eight or 18, they’ll be happy to have their accomplishments acknowledged.

Athletic Award Casual CertificatesOnce you’re finished designing the award, you can choose to print straight from your desktop, or order a custom print. Pocket-sized or poster-sized, fridge or framed, PaperDirect has a variety of colors, sizes and textures to make your awards pop, all custom-designed and delivered straight to your school or home.

At PaperDirect, It’s as much of a joy to design student awards as it is to hand them out. Proper encouragement is crucial in any endeavor, at any age. A well-designed award tells students that they are appreciated and capable of great things, and inspires them to keep going above and beyond.