Party like It’s 1776: Invitations to Make this 4th of July a Blast

Seasonal & Special Events Ideas

The snacks are ready, the grill is fired up, and the rockets are itching to be fired. This year’s party is going to the best! Now, how to get people to come… PaperDirect’s rich and elegant invitations will have guests flocking to your party like the British to Concord in 1775. Choose from clean and simple flat invitations, classy fold-up invitations, modern square invitations and more. Or if you’re feeling as bold as Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware, design your own call to celebration with your choice of paper, address labels and other DIY invitation tools.

When you’ve got your invitations just right, slide them into plain or designer envelopes. A Soiree or Black Tie envelope can help you stand out, while a plain white or cream envelope serves as a fully customizable canvas.  Now, just seal ’em up and… wait, retract thy tongue! Before you send your invitations on their midnight rides, secure them with classy envelope seals (and not saliva).  Browse over 60 types of envelope seals in a variety of colors and shapes. Scalloped seals fit the old fashioned theme; while “You’re Invited” seals help create a festive mood.

Creativity helped the colonists win the revolution and continues to make America great. While PaperDirect has a broad selection of designs, all of them can be tweaked, scrambled, dismantled and spliced with your own innovative designs as you see fit. If a design speaks to you, download a free template in Word or Publisher format to your desktop, and play around with it at no cost. You can print your invitations directly from your desktop, or order special prints using PaperDirect’s namesake papers. However many guests you want to invite, PaperDirect wants to make sure that they flock to your party as the bombs burst in the air and wishes you a majestic 4th of July.