Don’t Show Up Empty Handed – Presentation Folders that Pop

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Cornerstone ViewIt™ Presentation Folders by PaperDirectAppearance matters when you’re giving a presentation; keeping everything you need in order not only helps soothe your nerves, it can impress your audience. Retain presentation material order with a custom presentation folder that keeps your documents organized and professional looking.

Consider choosing a colorful presentation folder to stand out among a crowd. Vibrant reds, purples and other colors can reinforce your brand identity by matching your business logo or your presentation materials. Plus, it’s much easier to locate a colorful folder in a crowded room than it is to determine which black folder is yours. As an added touch, you can have the folder printed with your company logo or sealed with stickers branded with your business logo. You’ll get more mileage from a folder made of heavier card stock than Foldiere by PaperDirectone made of thinner paper, so take that into account when considering what type of folder to buy. Even if the thicker folder costs more, you’ll get more use out of it than a thinner, less expensive item.

Look for a folder that offers a business card slot, so you can insert your card in an easy-to-locate, front-line spot. Not only will this help your audience remember who you are, it serves as free marketing. While a standard presentation folder is 9 inches by 12 inches, you’ll find larger and smaller models. Choose a folder that will comfortably hold your documents and looks attractive.

Finally, make your presentation pop by coordinating the material inside with the exterior. Use the same colors and fonts in your presentation documents, as an example.

Regal Presentation Pocket Folder by PaperDirectCarefully arrange documents inside the folder to correspond with your presentation. Keeping everything in order helps your audience follow along and shows your attention to detail; shop online for colorful, quality presentation folders from