Safety + Summer = Happiness: 7 Steps to Safe Summer Parties

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Safety Casual Certificates by PaperDirectSummer is here and that means lots of outdoor play and weeks of family fun and memory-making vacations. Unfortunately, it also means an increase in accidents. Nothing destroys the fun and joy of a family outing faster than an accident, so make the pledge to keep this summer the safest possible by taking these few, simple steps:

1. What’s more fun during the summer than cooling down with a dip in a pool, lake or ocean? Water play is a great way to keep temperatures from soaring on even the hottest summer days, but it’s important for children and adults to take a few steps to make sure their summer swim sessions are as safe as possible. First, never swim alone. Drowning can occur even in relatively shallow bodies of water, and it can happen quickly. When your kids are in the water, provide full supervision and attention – no texting or talking on the phone.

2. Respect the sun. Wear plenty of sunscreen that’s strong enough to protect your skin type, and apply it after swimming and after playing sports. Use a hat to protect your scalp and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water even if you aren’t involved in strenuous sports and seek shade if you start to feel overheated. Watch for heatstroke symptoms including headache, flushed skin, skin that feels hot, nausea and lack of sweat.

4. Avoid picnic panic by keeping everyone a safe distance from grills and open fires, and always keep a fire extinguisher or pail of sand on hand to put out a fire quickly. Don’t leave any fire unattended.

5. It may seem like fun to run or roll in a field of wildflowers, but bees like those flowers too. Wear shoes and have a first aid kit equipped to handle the pain of stings.

6. Wear a helmet when biking and review biking rules with kids at the beginning of the season. Gloves and kneepads may be a good idea for inexperienced riders.

7. Lots of people hit the road for summer vacations, so use special caution while driving. Make sure kids stay buckled and provide them with activities so they don’t distract you. Never, ever leave a pet in a parked car; even with the windows cracked, the heat can soar and every year, pets are killed in parked cars with open windows.

Think Safety Post-it® Notes by PaperDirect

Kids love rewards, so make summer safety fun by offering safety award certificates personalized with their names. Use safety-themed Post-It® notes to remind kids how to remain safe; their sticky surface makes them ideal for posting on pools, play areas or in outdoor eating areas, and they’re ideal for when kids have friends over.