Folders that Make the Difference between “I’ll think about it” & “Sign Me Up!”

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

It’s not only your public speaking skills that are on display when you give a presentation at a conference, industry event or shareholder meeting. Your presentation skills and ancillary information play a major role in how well you sell your product or service.

Consider handing event participants a coordinated presentation folder that contains key documents, takeaways and company information associated with your presentation. This helps customers follow along as you present, reinforcing what you’re saying and providing more information should the audience want to go deeper into the topic. When you enrich the experience by providing background material for the audience, you’re much more likely to get that “Where do I sign?” response.

There are many options for presentation folders and if you’re new to using these with presentations, choosing can be overwhelming. Consider what colors match your business logo or product, and then pick a heavy card stock folder in those colors. While thinner folders cost less, they also hold up less well. You don’t want to take the chance that folders become damaged during transit or torn on the way to the event. When appearance matters, make your best impression. Most presentation folders have one or two tabs to hold important information as well as a business card slot that allows you to insert your card front and center.

Order your folders well in advance of the presentation so you can plan out what to place inside. Then, play around with layouts until you’re satisfied that everything fits inside the presentation folder neatly. Online stores like PaperDirect offer a wide array of presentation folders in different colors, sizes and weights; shop online for the fullest variety.