5 Awards Ideas for Students that Say “Keep Up the Good Work!”

Student Recognition Ideas

When it comes to students, a little award can go a long way. Whether you’re emphasizing behavior or trying to motivate students to be good friends, awards for students should be part of your day-to-day teaching, outside of the awards for academic achievement that are built into the school year. As you consider creative ways to award your students, consider these five award ideas for students:

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The “Faithful Friend” Award

Reward your more social students with their very own “Faithful Friend” award. When you see students going above and beyond for friends, consider awarding them. This is behavior you want to encourage, as being a good friend is a valuable life skill, so have a stash of “Faithful Friend” awards to hand out.

The “Happy Helper” Award

Teachers and educators want to foster a sense of community in the classroom, and one way to do this is to encourage your students to help in the classroom. Rewarding those who help with an eager attitude will create a community of helpers. Add some “Happy Helper” student awards to your stash.

The “Excellent Effort” Award

If you’ve been teaching for long, you know that all your students are different, and they all learn differently. Sometimes, a simple “good job” or “excellent effort” goes a long way to boosting a student’s confidence in the classroom. When you catch them giving their all, they should be awarded for this, even if you can’t give them an “A” on the grade card. Reward them for their effort with an “Excellent Effort” certificate showing them that you noticed.

The “Classroom Creativity” Award

Creativity is sometimes stifled in the midst of the daily grind of the school year, but you want to foster it in your students. Purchase some “Classroom Creativity” award certificates to give out to those students who show superior creativity in art, imaginative play, or writing activities. The more you reward creativity, the more it will grow.

The “Class Citizen” Award

Do you have a student who is careful to follow the rules? This student may not get much positive reinforcement from peers, especially if he is apt to tattle. Reward the good behavior, while working on the tattling at another time, with the “Class Citizen” award. This will show that you value a student who pays attention to the rules and tries to follow them, and it might encourage other students to follow.

Students who do well academically are rewarded many times throughout the school year. You can ensure that others get awarded for their strengths as well with these creative award ideas for students. Ordering them couldn’t be easier with the help of PaperDirect. Simply find the award you love, customize it for your specific category and order conveniently online!