A Holiday Checklist for Church

Event Planning Tips

Bethlehem Star Programs by PaperDirectA holiday checklist for church ensures all those little details that make the holidays so special will be minded so members and guests enjoy the full meaning of the Christmas holiday season.

Tops that list are newsletters and programs. Order both with holiday motifs to convey the essence of the holiday to attendees, as well as the surrounding community. Starting in September, church secretaries are busy asking committees and branches of the church what they will offer to both holiday bulletins and newsletters, so that these supplies can be ordered early. Perfect options for your church include the Bethlehem Star Programs and Lion Lamb Newsletters.

Don’t forget to order certificates for all Lion Lamb Newsletter by PaperDirectchurch members who take part in either annual Nativity scene or church Christmas Pageant. Certainly, members perform these roles out of the goodness of their hearts, but Christmas is the perfect holiday to let them know how much their participation means. These certificates are an important part of your holiday checklist for church. When they are handed out, especially by the pastor, members feel a sense of pride and honor, knowing they have participated in something very special.

Wise Men Vinyl Banners by PaperDirectMake sure your Christmas banner is on that checklist, too, so that once Advent begins, members and guests will feel the anticipation of the celebration of Christ’s birth. The date and time of your church’s Christmas program lets everyone know what to expect as Christmas approaches.

These items certainly don’t make the holiday, but with this holiday checklist for church items, the days leading up to Christmas will be filled with far less angst for the pastor and church secretary. If other items turn up on your holiday checklist, be sure to check out PaperDirect for all your church’s holiday paper needs.