Holiday Party Networking: 9 Dos and Don’ts

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Swish Business Cards by PaperDirectWhen the line between personal and professional blurs at an evening company holiday party, know how to act. Remember: The boss is always watching. Holiday party networking should be causal and simple, with respect to the company hosting the gathering.

  1. Do talk with people from other departments in the company. This is a great way to learn more about the business and meet more people, especially if you’re a newcomer.
  2. Don’t linger by the appetizers or bar all night. Although you should have a good time, limit yourself to two alcoholic beverages and a few plates of hors d’oeuvres or you might start acting a little too casual.
  3. Do share your business card with outside guests at the party. This helps them easily connect with you later during business hours to follow-up on ideas discussed at the party.
  4. Don’t run to your office for paperwork or reports. Holiday party networking is about establishing connections, not doing the dirty work in a social atmosphere. Plan a lunch date later to go over documents.
  5. Do learn names. After chatting a while, thank the person for his ideas or express gratitude for the chat, and use his name. This creates a personal connection and shows a genuine interest.
  6. Don’t do all the talking. Listen to what others are saying and doing at the party. When in doubt ask an open-ended question and sit back and listen.
  7. Do have a two-sentence explanation for your position and goals. What will you say if the boss introduces you to a new colleague? Know your role well.
  8. Don’t dress too informally. This is still a business function–with flair. Think business casual with a nod to the holiday. A shimmering metallic purse or sequined seasonal top is an appropriate touch. Leave the jeans and funny holiday sweatshirts at home for the weekend.
  9. Do take notes about people you want to connect with later. Use a simple notepad app on your cellphone to write down topics, interests, or follow-up questions for people you’ve met.Blue Carrara Business Cards by PaperDirect

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