Thanksgiving Table Setting Guide [Graphic]

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While there are many ways to set a table for Thanksgiving, we believe there should be a nice balance between elegantly formal and excessive utensils. Below is a Thanksgiving table setting graphic to help guide you this Thanksgiving: How to Set a Table for Thanksgiving: As you can see in the above graphic, you’ll need a few things for a…

Christmas Party Planning Tip #2 – Brainstorm

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You have a budget in place. Your dream of having an amazing Christmas party is real. Now you need to find a place to host the event. Think through your list of friends and colleagues. Do any of them have connections at a local venue? Is there a location in your city that makes you smile each time you visit?…

Christmas Party Planning Tip #1 – Set a Budget

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Set a budget

Before ordering invitations and polishing your best flatware, set a budget for your Christmas party to make it a success within your means. It’s easiest to think of the key expenses in terms of before, during and after the party. Before the Party Creative invitations House cleaning service or book a venue Holiday decor, centerpieces and favors During the Party…

The Ultimate Office Party Planning Checklist

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Whether your idea of an office party is hosting your company’s version of Michael Scott’s Dundies or simply relaxing with a can of beer and a slice of pizza, you’ll want to make a point of acquiring all the necessary supplies ahead of time. No, you do not need an entire party planning committee to complete the job, but the…

What to Include on Graduation Announcements

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Somerset Foil Invitations by PaperDirect

Deciding what to put on graduation announcements seems like a simple task, but being creative and elegant at the same time can be difficult. Here are simple tips for graduation announcements: 1. Basic Info You’ll want to include all the necessary information like place and time, but you still want it to be interesting. Some ideas: [FULL NAME] Is graduating…

10 After Christmas Company Party Ideas

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After Midnight Postcards by PaperDirect

December brings more chaos than most people care to deal with, especially during a season when people are supposed to be spending time with family. Adding a company Christmas party in the midst of a chaotic December isn’t always welcome, which is why many companies are transitioning to celebrate after Christmas instead of before. This year, consider these after Christmas…

The Top 5 Customer Appreciation Event Ideas

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If you’ve recently started a new company, then you recognize the importance of your customers. You know that your customers have taken a chance on working with your company, and you want to show them that you are committed to them and that you appreciate their business. The best way to do this is through customer appreciation events. These customer…

Event Planning Tips for the Beginner

Event Planning Tips

Flower Fun Casual Invitations

With Spring right around the corner, you may be thinking about hosting an outdoor event to kick off the beginning of warmer temperatures, longer days and spring breaks from school. PaperDirect often provides event planning tips and party suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, but today, let’s focus on the novice event planner and offer some event planning tips…