Program Designs for Your Church’s Christmas Events

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Program designs for your church’s Christmas events send a very important message. But Poinsettia Swirl Specialty Programs by PaperDirectwhat that message is, will be up to you. Some of those who see the programs will no doubt be church members, and of course they know what to expect. However others will be newcomers or members of the community. They might be scoping out a new church to attend all year round, and Christmas is the most common time of year to do that. What do you want to say to your current, and possibly future congregation?

It might depend on the situation. A program for a children’s church event should bear a less structured motif than the overtly religious one used for a Christmas Eve service. One decorated with snowmen lends itself to the time of year while letting those who see it know the event is centered around children. The children’s portion of your church’s Christmas pageant could even have its own program. Perhaps the children in your church hold a sale to benefit those less fortunate, including a bulletin with each purchase would give the sale that extra special touch. This could not only define your church’s beliefs, but share what sort of educational programs are held for the children.

Christmas Scroll Programs by PaperDirectA community Christmas program should include some festive edging. A pretty poinsettia swirl would work perfectly for your church’s Christmas fair. Or perhaps you might prefer a simple Christmas scroll instead. These programs can show visitors exactly what’s for sale at booths at your Christmas fair. They can also be a creative way to direct fair-goers to food stands, rest rooms, or the information booth.

There are program designs perfect for every Christmas event your church hosts. Ask your pastor or church secretary to check out the wealth of ideas for programs available through PaperDirect – THE source for all things paper.