5 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Office Ideas

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Pink Ribbon Round Address Labels by PaperDirectOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to remind everybody in your office and beyond about this deadly disease. Increasing awareness may save someone’s life by helping to catch cancer early. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the word out; using some simple breast cancer awareness month office ideas does the trick without killing your budget. Remember to think pink with our selection of pink paper.

Self-exam Calendars

Print up a calendar for the coming year, October through October, on a single sheet of paper that each employee can take home and hang in a convenient spot as a reminder to do a monthly breast self-exam. Mark one day each month as the suggested exam day and make the calendar easy to display by putting a magnet on the back or punching a hole at the top. Print on bright pink paper as a reminder of breast cancer and use cardstock to make it durable.Pink Woman Profile NoteCards by PaperDirect

Group Fundraiser

Employees in offices that work together to achieve a common goal are more likely to think about breast cancer awareness. Set a goal of raising enough money during the month to pay for mammograms for women who need some financial assistance. You can plan a fundraising event or just have office workers gather pledges. Print the pledge card for each employee on pink paper as a reminder.

Regular Office Memos

Print all of your office memos and notices on pink paper throughout the entire month of
October. Add a header or a tagline about breast cancer awareness month to remind or
educate employees. Include such things as notes about how early detection increases the cure rate or add a reminder that men can also fall victim to breast cancer.

Special Business Cards

Use the office printer to print special business cards using pink business cardstock or pink ink for use during the month of October. Print each person’s regular information on the cards and add special breast cancer awareness tips as suggested by the American Cancer Society on the back. Cards like this get a lot of attention from everybody that sees them.

Pink Coupon Border Post-it® Notes by PaperDirectBulletin Board Notices

Use pink paper for all notices posted to the employee bulletin board in the month of October. Using different shades of pink will help to keep them all from looking the same. Use a neon or other bright pink paper to post weekly awareness reminders about regular checkups, self-exams and ways to help breast cancer victims. These will stand out from the other memos and are sure to get noticed.

Hopefully one of these great Breast Cancer Awareness office ideas inspires you to take on the challenge and support breast cancer awareness. Looking for other great items to make a difference in the office with? Check out our selection of recognition pieces.