National Make a Difference Day – Saturday, October 26

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

national make a difference day The people you work with can make or break your company’s success. It’s important to take time for activities and efforts that make employees feel good about themselves and one another. One of the best things you and your team can do together is participate in events like National Make a Difference Day.

For over two decades, people have come together on National Make a Difference Day to help improve the world we live in. Millions of people all over the country participate every year, making it the world’s largest national service day. There are projects for people with a wide array of interests, from feeding the hungry to volunteering at youth events.

When your team comes together to volunteer, it helps them bond with one another. Seeing each other outside the office helps increase rapport. And, you all feel more deeply connected to the community where you live and work.

You and your team can join an existing project, or, create one of your own. Ask your employees about the causes that they feel passionate about and what skills they have to share. You may also wish to pick a project that relates to the work you do at your company. For instance, a building supply company may donate a day improving a local playground.

Don’t forget to award those who participate. PaperDirect offers a wide array of gifts to give employees to show your appreciation for donating one of their days off. Fill a Make a Difference Day tote bag with items like water bottles, participation pins and handwritten notes of thanks. Don’t forget to include small snacks and drinks to keep your team refreshed out in the field. Those who show up to give back will appreciate the gesture.