15 Ideas for Employee Only Christmas Parties

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Poinsettia Petals Casual Invitations by PaperDirectBudget reductions have led many companies to host employee only Christmas parties instead of holiday gatherings that include partners and family. Your employees will quickly look forward to the next employee only Christmas parties once they discover the fun you’ve planned for them. These ideas will help you increase turnout as well as fun.

Plan Your Best Employee-Only Holiday Party

  1. Host the Party During Work Hours. It’s convenient for your employees and doesn’t require them to head back to “work” during free time.
  2. Schedule it Toward the End of the Day. Because there’s no better way to kill the joy than by sending them back to work after a party.
  3. Cover all Charges. Employees should never have to pay to come to the party.
  4. Cover the Skeleton Crew. Hire temps or close down completely so everyone can attend.Snowman Delight Vinyl Banners by PaperDirect
  5. Promote and Encourage with Christmas Signs. Using Christmas signs with fun themes and bright colors will pique curiosity and encourage party attendance.
  6. Have Door Prizes and Incentives. Have enough so that no one leaves empty-handed.
  7. Hire Entertainment. Fifteen minutes of a hilarious local comedian is much better than two hours of listening to a horrible band.
  8. Do Something Unexpected. Tell them the party’s at the office, and then have limos drive everyone to a local club.
  9. Get Employees Involved with the Planning. Involvement in planning increases employee enjoyment at the party.
  10. Scrimp on the Party. But only if your savings will be applied toward employee bonuses.
  11. Show Up to Your Own Party. It’s a real morale-buster for employees when the boss doesn’t show up.
  12. Find an Alternate Location. Such as the zoo or a museum.
  13. Make it a Surprise Party. Schedule a “meeting” and have it be a party instead.
  14. Create Purpose. Give the gift of giving by having each employee bring a canned good or pair of mittens to donate to a local charity.
  15. Don’t Ditch the Party. You can scale down your party, but don’t eliminate it altogether to cut costs.

Snowflake Dazzle Specialty Flat Invitations by PaperDirectA Celebration to Remember

Sometimes employees opt not to attend the office party in favor of other activities or an evening at home. Incorporate some or all of the ideas above to plan employee only Christmas parties your staff won’t want to miss out on. Put yourself in their shoes, and trust your judgment. If an idea makes you smile, then chances are your employees will enjoy it, too.