Fun Christmas Games for Everyone from the Intern to the CEO

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Holiday Christmas parties can either be either a drag or a blast, depending on how well you plan. Rather than carrying office hierarchies over to the company party, choose games that will help everyone feel like equals – and have some fun! Try these Christmas games for everyone at your party this year.

Fun christmas Games for the OfficePuzzled Cards

Divide the number of guests by two and find that many Christmas cards. Cut the picture of each card in half and mix the halves together in a basket. As guests arrive, have each guest draw a card half from the basket.  The next step – mingling with fellow guests to find their “better half!”

Gift Wrap Twins

Once everyone has found their match, have these pairs compete together in a fun gift wrapping game. Distribute boxes, scissors, tape, gift wrap, and ribbon to everyone and give the pairs three minutes to wrap the box as nicely as possible. The catch is that each person can only use one hand!

Oven Mitt Unwrapping

Rather than raffling off prizes to guests, make them work for them. Put a gift wrapped in many layers of paper, a die, and a pair of oven mitts on each table. Guests pass the die around the table, each rolling it, until someone rolls a six. That person takes the oven mitts and attempts to open the gift as others keep rolling the die to see who goes next. Whoever finishes unwrapping the gift gets to keep it!

Fun Christmas games for the officeHoliday Charades

Once everyone is loosened up, play a fun game of charades to end the party. Divide guests into teams of about five people, and if you have a large company, divide the room into many head-to-head battles of two teams. Have each team create Christmas-themed charades prompts for the other team to act out. Everyone will get some good laughs from this game!

Of course, before you host a fun party full of Christmas games for everyone from the intern to the CEO, you’ll need to get them all there. Choose classy Christmas party invitations that set off the event as a fun and festive one that everyone will enjoy. When you choose invitations that mesh with the fun company culture you’ve created, employees will come to the party ready to play these fun games!