Inspiring Christmas Newsletters that Would Melt Even Scrooge’s Heart

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Golden Glimmer Newsletters by PaperDirecrtIt’s Christmas time!

Christmas is nearly upon us, and it’s time to think about your Christmas newsletter. For business owners, inspiring Christmas newsletters need to strike a delicate balance. You are, after all, addressing a tender, sentimental time of year deeply rooted in religious tradition. But, you’re also reaching out to business associates and need to maintain a degree of professionalism. Having a hard time finding just the right balance? Here are a few tips for writing truly inspiring Christmas newsletters while remaining professional.

Remember, it’s Christmas!
Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. Keep your newsletter bright and cheery. Include an old-time cookie recipe, for instance, and holiday decorating tips. Or, add the secret to making rich, dreamy, homemade cocoa.

Remember your AudienceWinter Rose Frost Newsletters by PaperDirect
You may be sending your newsletter to business associates, customers and suppliers, but the holidays are about people and their families. Direct your newsletter to them. Save talk about marketing and sales figures for another time.

Be Approachable
Business relationships can often be impersonal, and that can actually hurt sales. Christmas is the time to open up a bit. Share a favorite Christmas memory from your childhood, for instance, or describe a treasured family holiday tradition.

Use Christmas Stationery
Save the plain white paper for another time; it says, “Business,” not, “Christmas.” A Christmas newsletter should be colorful and appealing, but not so visually stimulating that your message gets lost in the shuffle.

Remember the Less Fortunate
Keep in mind that the holidays can be difficult for people who are struggling financially when writing your newsletter.  Write about charitable works of your employees, as well as those of your own. Encourage everyone to do what they can for others during the Christmas season.

Pine Perfection Newsletters by PaperDirectExpress Your Gratitude
If nothing else, Christmas is a time of gratitude. Use your Christmas newsletter to thank everyone who has made your life a little better over the past year. Your employees and customers all deserve a “thank you” for making your business the success that it is.

If you keep these principles in mind, you’ll create a Christmas newsletter that will touch people’s hearts. And, if you want to find other ways to brighten up the holidays, visit PaperDirect. They make it fun and easy to shop for invitations, gift certificates, and greeting cards – everything you need to make this Christmas season truly sparkle!