Silly Superlatives for the Company Christmas Party

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company Christmas party

Beyond food and music, entertainment is a vital component of any holiday gathering, making it a fantastic opportunity to have a little “in-office” fun. Prepare to capture guests’ attention by printing some elegantly designed blank certificates with silly superlatives to present to employees. Superlatives can be borderline complements or play on subtle shortcomings, but attempt to be “delightfully tacky” to avoid any hard feelings. Here are some of our favorite superlatives to present at your company Christmas party:

12 Company Christmas Party Superlatives that Delight

1. The Human Garbage Disposal Award – He or she is constantly the first one at the food table, and maybe even the last one claiming crumbs. Perhaps they are always snagging food from other’s plates; hence, earning them this prestigious award.

2. Bubbly Bubbly Award– Try pairing this award with a gift of champagne. This award obviously goes to the spunky fun-loving person in the office.

3. Loch Ness or Bigfoot Award – Ideal for the coworker who’s as hard to find as “Nessie” or Bigfoot, especially when the workload gets heavy or the big boss is around. The honoree will score big laughs while accepting either of these company Christmas party superlatives as an award.

4. Most Likely to Be Hanging Ten – Turn your blank certificates into a recognition of those employees who are more likely to be surfing the web than working!

5. Duct Tape Award – Have a coworker who serves as the office handyman – so long as it can be repaired with duct tape? This one’s for them!

6. Head in the Sand Award – Give a clue to that clueless peer and honor them for seeming to have absolutely no idea what’s going on around the office. Hey, not everyone gets the inside scoop or even wants to!

7. It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere Award – For the good-timer in the group who spends the better part of the workday making ater-work plans. They’re likely the first out the door each day at 4:59 p.m.!

8. Bermuda Triangle Award – This individual has a hard time keeping up with – well, just about everything! Pens, paperwork, staplers, car keys, and other items mysteriously disappear as if their office lies within the Bermuda Triangle.

9. Most Likely or Least Likely to “Whatever” – Here is where you can get creative with your blank certificates to honor just about any trait you can hone in on. Some favorites include Most/Least Likely to:

  • Show up early
  • Put their foot in their mouth
  • Get on the boss’ nerves
  • Get a raise

10. Best Dressed – This honor goes to the one who always looks sharp for client calls, team meetings, and everything else!

11. Social Queen/King – Every office has at least one co-worker that is all over social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- they’ve got it all and love to update them constantly.

12. Tiny Dancer Award– This award can be given to the person who can’t sit still or is always talking with their hands- quite the performer!

There’s no better way to get the good times and laughter rolling than by picking up some blank certificates and imprinting them with all-too-appropriate company Christmas party superlatives to “honor” your coworkers! Shop PaperDirect’s range of eye-catching awards today!