Work Holiday Party Themes Even the Grinch Would Appreciate

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Holiday parties at work can be a great way to help your hard-working employees relax as well as building relationships that can carry over into the regular workday. Almost any change of pace is likely to be appreciated, but a great party with a fun theme can be an event your employees will remember for a long, long time. Try one of the following work holiday party themes at your next holiday gathering and see if the Grinch’s heart grows a few sizes as a result.

  • Work Holiday Party Themes Taste of Christmas Winter Wonderland: Decorate the party room with all kinds of wintery items, like snowflakes, life-sized snowmen and other “cool” items. Print invitations or greetings on a themed Christmas border paper such as our “Winter Snow” or “Snowy Splendor” papers. Other fun touches are stuffed reindeer, penguins, and tiny snowballs instead of ice cubes for beverages. Add an ice sculpture as a centerpiece for a touch of class.
  • Achievements and Awards: Use the office Christmas party as a chance to recognize employees that have done an outstanding job over the past year. Let the employees nominate each other for awards and give them a chance to tell how they’ve been impacted by others. Add spotlights and an inexpensive red carpet to enhance the awards effect. Provide fun gifts for each employee, along with special gifts for those being recognized.
  • Santa’s Coming to Town: Make Santa Claus a part of your office Christmas party and find a great Santa-themed Christmas border paper to complement his presence. Santa doesn’t need to work in a vacuum, so add a small band or orchestra that can play holiday music to accompany your event. Be sure to have a tree in the room, too, to give it a genuine Christmas feeling.
  • A Taste of Christmas: Instead of a big meal, set up buffet-style tables with small samples of all kinds of holiday foods. Encourage everyone to try as many as they can. Give each table a theme, such as Candyland, Cookie Town, or the Gingerbread House. Don’t forget to offer non-sugary foods like tiny sandwiches, squares of ham, and chunks of turkey.

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