Cute Ideas for Your Ugly Sweater Party Invitations

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Candy Cane Lane Holiday Postcards by PaperDirectTime for a party!

Are you looking for a different twist on the traditional office holiday party? Maybe something with a bit more zing than the tried-and-true Christmas music and cocktails? Then consider an ugly sweater party! Wearing something really wacky — or downright tacky — can put everyone in a goofy, festive mood. It’s easy to find outrageous holiday sweaters at the mall, or, for the truly adventurous, the Salvation Army. Like this theme? Great! Now you need to put some thought into your invitations.

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation Ideas:

The invitations for your ugly sweater party need to be as wacky as the party itself. No quiet and staid invitations for this soiree. No way! Below are a few cute ideas for your ugly sweater party invitations.

  1. Go with vintage glam – Find copyright free vintage photos to upload. Look for people from yesteryear sporting outrageous sweaters. You know the kind, the ones with giant Charlie Brown stripes across the chest or a hokey reindeer with a red pompom nose.
  2. Try puttin’ on the dog – Start with printable Christmas invitations, then add a picture of your own adorable pooch. Put him in a big, floppy sweater and, voila! Your party has a mascot! Make sure he looks sad in the photo, then add a silly caption like, “I wouldn’t wear this sweater for just anyone.”
  3. Ask your staff to strut their stuff – Show everyone just how ugly a sweater can be. Snap a shot of your most holiday-minded employees previewing the ugly sweaters they plan to wear. For a touch more style, let them portray a bit of old Hollywood. Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in “White Christmas,” for example.Whimsical Wonderland Casual Invitations by PaperDirect
  4. Get a little crafty – Round up a few old sweaters and get out the scissors! Use a tiny sweater template and cut out a “real” sweater to glue on the front of each invitation.

Whichever idea you use, make sure your invitations are clear. Add when, where and who can come, of course, but don’t forget to emphasis your theme. The last thing you want is for a customer or a favorite contractor to show up in their most beloved winter sweater without realizing that sweaters — at this party — are the joke. And, for more great party invitation ideas, visit PaperDirect. Shop around a bit then check out using the easy online order form!