An Insider’s Guide to Hosting a Golf Tournament

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So you want to host a golf tournament? Be warned – it takes a lot of planning. But if you do it the right way, golf tournaments can net you a lot of money – which is why they make such great fundraisers. But we repeat, it’s all about preparing for the tournament that dictates whether or not it will be successful. So with that being said, here are some tips for hosting a golf tournament:

The Basics:

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Before you can really start planning the event, you need to tick a few important things off your “to-do” list:

Pick a course: Pick a course that golfers will want to play. Also, make sure the staff is accommodating to the type of tournament you want to run. We recommend shopping around for a course, see what things courses in the area are willing to offer.

Golfers: Decide how many golfers you’ll allow. Obviously, the more that play, the more money you can make. Generally speaking, however, we’d recommend capping golfers at 128.

Extras: Decide if you’ll do more than just the tournament. For instance, many tournaments offer post-golf lunch or dinner.

Promote it:

After you’ve got the basics down, then it’s time to promote your tournament. We recommend creating a brochure that explains the tournament in an easy-to-read format. Print this brochure on golf-themed stationary and include a registration form. Then, get to work passing brochures out. Leave a stack at the course’s front desk, pass them out to people in the community, ask local golf pro shops if you can leave brochures in their stores. You may even consider taking out an ad in the newspaper to get the word out.

Hole sponsorships:

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Generate additional revenue for the tournament beyond just golfer entries by selling hole sponsorship’s to local businesses in the area. But be sure that these sponsorship’s are done well in advance so that the businesses you sell to have plenty of time to get their materials to you so their information can be printed correctly.

Get volunteers:

As the day of the tournament draws near, assemble a team of volunteers that will check golfers in, pass out goodie bags (tees, golf balls and water bottles make for great items in this) and monitor play on the golf course. Your team should be doing everything to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly to see that every golfer has a positive experience, win or lose.