8 Fun Game Ideas for Company Picnics


Barbeque Border Papers by PaperDirectAs the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about enjoying it with a company picnic! Create your own invitations on festive border paper and get your employees, and perhaps their family members, together for a fun afternoon outdoors. Help keep the party enjoyable with these fun game ideas for company picnic days.

Game Ideas: Barbeque Border Paper by PaperDirect

1. Sack race: This rowdy outdoor game will get everyone loosened up because it’s impossible to not look silly while hopping around in a sack. If you don’t have access to sacks, pillowcases work just as well.

2. Water balloon toss: There’s no harm in getting a little wet, and most people will in a water balloon toss game. Have people pair up and stand a few feet away and toss a water balloon from one person to the other, taking a step back with each successful catch.

3. Horseshoes: If your picnic area is set up with a horseshoe pit, this makes a fun and casual game for people to play whenever they have a spare moment at the picnic. There’s not much as satisfying as hearing the clink of a horseshoe around the stake!

4. Bocce ball, Bags or Ladder Golf: These games go along with nice weather and being outdoors. Consider building a branded game and give out prizes to the winner!

5. Three legged race: If your group doesn’t mind getting a little crazy, pair off and tie your adjoining legs together for a classic three legged race. It’s amazing how well people can get along if they’re depending on each other to cross the finish line first.

6. Human knot challenge: Divide attendees into teams and have each team get in a circle, put their hands in the middle, and grab two different people’s hands. Then challenge teams to untangle into a circle as quickly as possible without letting go.

7. Company trivia: Get everyone together at the end of the day for a trivia game, asking about company history and fun facts. You can even keep the same teams from games earlier in the day.Watermelon Party Border Paper by PaperDirect

8. Watermelon seed spitting contest: This classic contest is fun for everyone, and it’s an easy one to play if you’re already planning to serve watermelon. Set up a starting line and mark the farthest seed so far with a golf tee.

Through all of the company picnic games, focus on having fun and getting to know each other in a context outside of work. If you want to heat up the competition a bit, shop for prizes and custom certificates for game winners, too.