10 Simple Ways to Cheer up Your Staff

Recognition & Motivation Ideas

It’s common knowledge that the happier the worker, the more productive they become. Therefore, as an employer, you will likely appreciate these 10 ways to cheer up your employees:

Acknowledge Accomplishments

Sometimes, all it takes to lift someone’s spirits is a simple thank you or acknowledgment of the hard work that they do. You can accomplish this by saying it person-to-person, or you can write a thank you note.

Create a Certificate or Award

Have a mini award ceremony and award an employee who has worked overtime or went above and beyond with a mini certificate. Or choose one of the many options standard size certificates at Paper Direct.

Give Bonuses

Awards and thank you notes are great, but if your company can afford it, offering dedicated employees bonuses is an even more effective way to increase morale.

Consider a Raise

Today, the cost of virtually everything is increasing. Therefore, if you can, raising an employee’s income is a great way to increase their happiness.

Offer Extra Vacation Days

If your budget does not allow for an increase in income, offer more vacation days as a way to show your employees you appreciate all their hard work.

Fix Up Your Office

Make the office a place that is positive for employees. For example, comfy couches, a TV in the break room, or a free drink and snack day are all great ways to improve employee morale.

free vending machine snacks


Many times, your employees will have a good idea for how to accomplish any given task–sometimes it may even better than your idea. Therefore, listen to your employees and recognize a good idea when you hear it, and be sure to give them the credit.

Have Fun, and Encourage Them to Have Fun

Every so often, have a “Goof-off Day.” Allow your employees to wear shorts and sandals, and encourage them to play some games for a few hours, such as darts or even go disc golfing as a group.

Fire a Problem-maker

It is your job as the boss to cut the dead-weight and fire an employee who is not doing their job adequately, or at the very least give them a warning. Cutting out the unproductive person and replacing them with someone who will pull their weight will help those employees who work hard each and every day.

Be Aware

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Finally, be aware of the morale levels in your office. After all, if you never gauge your employees morale levels, you can never seek to improve working conditions and overall employee happiness.

Follow the 10 tips listed above to raise your employees’ morale and in turn make your workplace more productive.