13 Ways to Promote your Halloween Store This Year

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

October 31st is Halloween, and in the weeks leading up to this date, stores dedicated to this ghoulish celebration have the opportunity to generate quite a bit of income. However, retailers specializing in Halloween have a small window of time to turn a profit. Using creative promotions, entertaining events, and unique marketing assets, these 13 ways to promote your Halloween store will make it a banner year for your business.

Social Media

Social media promotion is an excellent method for sharing all kinds of information your audience will find interesting, helpful, and useful. Post about sales and discounts your Halloween store is offering, and invite customers to in-store events. You can reach an even wider audience using paid social media promotion. To get some ideas, visit our Facebook page!

Direct Mail Flyers

Halloween Flyers

Reengage last year’s customers and reach new shoppers with direct mail flyers. Include sales, promotions, and in-store events on these materials to entice people to shop your Halloween store.


Halloween Banner

Since your store probably doesn’t operate year round, you need to get customer’s attention as they drive by. There is no better way to do this then to hang multiple banners outside your store. We recommend at least one, massive sign on your storefront and another closer to the road. 

Discounts and Sales

Reduced prices are a surefire way to attract business. Schedule a variety of sales and promotions throughout the Halloween season. Also, consider printing coupons or developing a special landing page with printable coupons on your store’s website for shoppers to collect before visiting your Halloween store.

Costume Contests

People take a lot of pride in the costumes they construct for Halloween. Let them show off their work with costume contests. Include categories for different age groups and themes, such as Scariest Costume, Best Laugh Out Loud Ensemble, or Kookiest Kid Under 10 Years Old.

Pumpkin-Themed Events

How to Promote your Halloween  Store

From jack-o-lantern carving to pie baking to throwing, there’s tons of fun events your store can host that use pumpkins. Your store could host a pumpkin carving class. Or one evening invite people to a pumpkin potluck where everyone brings a pumpkin dish they’ve made.

Indoor Trick or Treating

Get kids even more excited about Halloween than they already are with an early trick or treating even hosted in your store. They’ll be plenty of houses to visit on the night of October 31st, so in the days prior to Halloween, have a special indoor trick or treating evening for kids.

Haunted House

Haunted House

Transform your Halloween store into a haunted house for a few days. This is a great way to display some of your available merchandise while also engaging the community.


Add more value to your customers’ purchases by handing out raffle tickets and giving away prizes. For instance, for every $50 a customer spends in your store earns them a raffle ticket for a drawing to win one adult costume and one child costume. Or for every purchase over $13, customers are entered into a giveaway for a gift certificate to a local candy store.

Charity Efforts

Help the local community by partnering with a non profit. Your store can be a drop-off site for donated goods such as food, clothing, toys, or other items. Also, your Halloween store can host a special event for the charity of your choosing to help fundraise. Offer staff members and volunteers of the nonprofit organization exclusive discounts on merchandise.

Opening Day

Celebrate your opening day with early bird specials and free pumpkins to orders over $50. How to get people to this event? A strong combination of social media, email blasting, and crafted invitations is the perfect strategy.

DIY Days

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get crafty. Schedule some crafting classes to take place in your store. Attendees can make their own masks or Halloween candy. Maybe you could teach a class about creating outdoor Halloween decorations for people’s homes. Tie the class projects into products available in your store.

Special Appearances

Local musicians, actors, and live performance artists can really increase the Halloween spirit in your store with exclusive in-store appearances. Not only will your store promote these events, but so will the performers, which means engaging people outside of your regular audience. You never know how many people will come through the door to watch the show and leave after buying a few Halloween treats.