12 Employee Award Ideas Inspired by Christmas

Christmas Employee Recognition Ideas

12 Employee Award Ideas Inspired by

Hear that? Sleigh bells ringing in the lane as Christmas rapidly approaches? Before you know it, the weather forecast will be cold and snowy and it’ll be time to celebrate the holidays with your employees. When hosting a holiday event in your office, these 12 Christmas employee award ideas are fun ways to recognize your staff before the year’s end.

Mr. Christmas

Whether it’s the holiday season or a late work night powering through a major project, Mr. (or Ms.) Christmas is always there to boost employee morale. Mr./Ms. Christmas is your company’s loudest cheerleader, inspiring coworkers to make it work during challenging tasks or periods. Reward your employee with the most spirit and positive attitude the Mr./Ms. Christmas title.

The Rudolph Award

Santa Claus called on the outcasted Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to light the way for his sleigh on a foggy Christmas Eve. Therefore, The Rudolph Award goes to your company’s strongest leader. This award recipient is the person who lit the way for your business when times were darkest.

Santa’s Little Helper

Where would your business be without your customer support staff? Recognize the customer service representative at your company who went the extra mile for your clients or customers during the holiday season or throughout the year.  

The Mrs. Claus Award

Every office has a nurturing parental figure who always has a warm hug and a few minutes to listen to concerns and issues. The Mrs. Claus Award goes to the office mom/dad, that employee who is taking care of the staff, whatever it is they might need.

Hardest Working Elf

Maybe this goes to the salesperson with the highest numbers for the quarter, or the entry-level employee who worked nights and weekends on a variety of assignments. Award your hardest-working employee this fun-filled honor to show your appreciation for all the time and effort they’ve dedicated to your business.

Ugliest Christmas Sweater

A great way to lighten the mood during the holiday season is by hosting an ugly sweater competition. Then, at your office Christmas party, announce the winner of the prestigious award. Be sure to get lots of pictures of the ugly sweater nominees to show off during the award ceremony, for a few extra laughs.


Prettiest Ornament Award

Just like that one gorgeous Christmas ornament your family has treasured for generations, every office has one person who is always dressed to the nines and this award goes to that  best dressed iemployee. The Prettiest Ornament Award should be given to that one person who has a keen sense of style and looks impeccable, even on Casual Fridays.

The Abominable Snowman

Some people simply love the winter. They take their kids sledding, they slalom the ski slopes any chance they get, and they’re snowman-crafting abilities are unbeatable. Award your employee’s passion for wintertime with The Abominable Snowman award.

Finest Christmas Fare

During swimsuit season, you deplore this employee’s baking skills and generous spirit but when it’s the holiday season, this person is your absolute favorite. Whether it’s handmade cookies, expertly-crafted candies, or a variety of other calorie-laden treats, thank the employee who has stuffed you full of sweets throughout the year with the Finest Christmas Fare award.

Ebenezer Scrooge/Grinch

While this employee might be a bit gruff and rough around the edges, this person captures the kindness of the holiday season with any nonprofit or charitable work they do outside of the office. Even though Scrooge and The Grinch seemed like cruel-hearted jerks on the outside, both ultimately gave into the Christmas spirit and embraced the Season of Giving. Honor the giving spirit of an employee in your office with the Ebenezer Scrooge/Grinch award.

Christmas Tree Climber

While your company has already recognized the hard work of certain employees by promoting them, the Christmas Tree Climber award celebrates one worker’s climb to the top. This is your chance to call attention to this employee’s incredible strides for the company over the past year.

Most-Beloved Christmas Tradition

Loyalty is a valuable trait that tends to be overlooked. Your company’s Most-Beloved Christmas Tradition award goes to the person who has worked with your business the longest. Through successful years and lean ones, this employee showed up for work every day regardless of whether things were looking up or down.

The Christmas season will be much more enjoyable at your place of business with fun awards like the ones listed above. Use any or all of these ideas, and don’t forget to come up other creative employee award ideas, too!