How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day [March 4th!]

Employee Recognition Ideas

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They are the backbone of your business and work together to reach company goals day in and day out. So on Friday, March 4, celebrate your employees. Each year employers across the country take time out of the first Friday in March to honor a job well done on National Employee Appreciation Day.

Relax the Schedule

Start the day off right by allowing employees to come in late, or leave a little early — their choice. This relaxed schedule will allow them to have a leisurely breakfast, or a little personal time before picking up the kids and heading home for the day. And since the celebration is on a Friday, consider a casual work day dress code complete with jeans and T-shirts.

Share a Lunch

At mid-day, treat the staff to a celebratory lunch. If you’re a small company with a handful of employees, book a table at a favorite restaurant. For larger businesses, have a buffet lunch catered to the office. Before the meal, say a few words about the day and remind everyone of the ways they strengthen the company’s progress, brand and morale. Feel free to share some company growth numbers and feedback from customers.

Write Personal Notes

Estate Embossed NoteCards


Ask supervisors to take a little time to write personalized notes to each person in their department. These hand-written note cards should highlight individual assets of each person and how they make a positive impact on the company. The sentiments can reflect a specific project or be more encompassing of the employee’s overall performance.

Let Everyone Know

Spread the word about how cool your company is by sharing your activities on social media, especially if you’re recruiting and expanding your workforce. Include a group photo of everyone acting silly, candids of the luncheon and an overview shot of decorations or gifts for the employees. Let customers and fans know you treat your staff well.

Honor Each Person

Everyone loves a little gift. Nothing says thank you like a small monetary bonus tacked on to the Friday pay stub, a goodie basket filled with snacks and wine or a gift card to the local coffee shop. Present these tokens of appreciation at the end of the day as a concluding way to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day.

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