10 Qualities Your Team Leaders Should Have

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While it’s been said that great leaders are born that way, others can certainly be made by developing and fine-tuning a number of must-have qualities. Here come the top 10 qualities to look for in your own team leaders to ensure they lead with conviction, determination and get the job done.


Whether your leaders are verbally outlining instructions for the team or writing up the agenda for the next project, nothing will get done correctly unless they can communicate effectively. Communication involves speaking, writing – and listening, taking others’ input into account.


Slouchy, tentative leaders will produce slouchy, tentative teams. Confident leaders who truly believe in themselves and their team will end up with amazing results.


Whether team leaders are forced to make an off-the-cuff decision, fix a problem or get a wayward project back on course, they’re going to need creativity to do it. Creativity also helps leaders think outside the norm to develop the most effective solutions.


Delegation is a biggie for leaders, or they’ll end up doing all the work themselves. Not only do they need to delegate duties to the best-equipped team members, but they need to give members enough breathing room to succeed.


Leaders need to make numerous decisions about numerous issues, and flipping a coin won’t cut it. You want leaders who collect all relevant information then make the wisest choice based on the data – then stick with their decision once it’s made.


Team leaders need to be inspiring enough for their team that the team never gives up no matter what. Leaders need to make their team see the vision of success, then help ensure each member is totally invested in it.

Generating enthusiasm and maintaining high morale is no easy feat, especially when the going is tough. Leaders will know when to use feedback, pep talks, praise, certificates of recognition and other tactics to help maintain high motivation.


The package of integrity includes openness, honesty, fairness and treating others the same way you’d like to be treated. No team leader should leave home without it.

Interpersonal Skills

Regular interaction with other people is par for the course for team leaders, making exceptional interpersonal skills essential. Leaders who possess them will have a much easier time collaborating and developing positive relationships with their workforce.


While a Pollyanna team leader may be a little much, especially early on a Monday morning, you do want leaders that possess and emit a positive attitude.

They can still be realistic while focusing on the positives, whether it’s a lesson learned from a mistake or with a team member who’s riddled with self-doubt.


From managing projects and delegating tasks to planning objectives and strategies, team leaders must possess keen organizational skills. Not only do they need to keep everything on track, but they need to prioritize tasks that deserve immediate attention.

Regardless of your type of company or industry, you’re going to need leaders who can help move others forward for the overall good of your organization. Look for leaders with these 10 traits and you’ll be on solid footing for success.