Office Trends You Should Probably Just Go With…

Employee Recognition Ideas

Working remotely

Happy employees are productive employees, and one way to keep employees happy is with new gadgets, toys, and policies that align with the freshest office trends. Even if the trends seem way too far-fetched for the more traditional businesses, you’re better off giving them a go than listening to employees rave about perks they certainly wished they had.

Standing Desks

Instead of sitting at a desk all day, employees can instead stand at taller desks specifically designed to keep them on their feet. One study found the desks improved health as well as productivity, and think of all the money you’ll save on office chairs.

Balance Ball Chairs

If you still need to invest in chairs for workers who prefer to sit, go for balance ball chairs to improve posture, strengthen the back and add a dose of fun. Even the dullest task can be much more amusing when seated on a big, fat ball.

Groovy Snacks

“Groovy” in this instance translates to yummy and healthy. Forget the energy zapping candy and carbs in the office vending machines. Serve up delightfully healthy fare – free to all for the taking. Snacknation is one company that’s scoring big points in the healthy snack arena, delivering a rotating selection of good-for-you goodies to offices on a monthly basis.

Plenty of Play Time (in the Office)

Employee lounge areas, basketball courts, gyms and putting greens are popping up in companies like across the nation. Even if you don’t have the room or budget for a full-fledged exercise room, you can strategic place smaller equipment throughout the office and cushy couches and chairs in the break room. Encourage frequent breaks so employees can take advantage of it all.

Plenty of Play Time (outside the Office)

Extensive vacation time and flexible hours are two more office trends employees have been going gaga over.

The policy at Netflix’s California headquarters, for example, is not to track work hours or vacation days. The company instead measures how much work employees get done, allowing them to set their own hours and take vacations as long as their output is meeting or exceeding company expectations. You won’t see any slackers over here, either, as abusing the policy gets you kicked out the door.

Tangible Appreciation

If employees going wild with their own hours and vacation schedules simply won’t cut it in your company, you can still provide bonus time off, loads of praise and other tangible appreciation with customized certificates.

Have a slew of blank certificates on hand you can fill out as needed when employees go above and beyond the call of duty. Some can be traded in for time off, some can be used for a free lunch and still others can mark awesome achievements as they hang merrily near your new lineup of standing desks.

Happy employees are not only productive employees, they’re good for morale, company culture and your overall business.